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Decennial Census

We are pleased to offer libraries our acclaimed reprint series of the U.S. Census Reports, 1790-1950, in 340 volumes. Many libraries all over the country have replaced crumbling originals with these high-quality, archival volumes, printed on acid-free paper and bound with the highest grade cloth. Through this important preservation project we are now pleased to offer all libraries the first sixteen U.S. Census Reports in a sturdy, accessible format, bound for decades of use. A reprint edition of the 17th Census, 1950, is in preparation for 2008. Please note that shipping costs are in addition to the prices noted, about $10 per book.


Click on each listing for a detailed description, or just scroll down the page to see them all
1790, First U.S. Census, 1 volume
1800, Second U.S. Census, 1 volume
1810, Third U.S. Census, 2 volumes
1820, Fourth U.S. Census, 2 volumes
1830, Fifth U.S. Census, 1 volume
1840, Sixth U.S. Census, 4 volumes
1850, Seventh U.S. Census, 4 volumes
1860, Eighth U.S. Census, 4 volumes
1870, Ninth U.S. Census, 5 volumes
1880, Tenth U.S. Census, 22 volumes
1890, Eleventh U.S. Census, 28 volumes
1900, Twelfth U.S. Census, 16 volumes
1910, Thirteenth U. S. Census, 13 volumes

1920, Fourteenth U. S. Census, 19 volumes

1930, Fifteenth U.S. Census, 40 volumes
1940, Sixteenth U.S. Census, 90 volumes
1950, Seventeenth U.S. Census, 88 bindings


Census Reports 1-17 combined, 340 volumes...$90,000

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