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The Statistical Atlas of the United States for the
9th Census
1870 &
11th Census 1890

(Now Available)

In Full Color

Originally omitted from our reprint editions of the two Decennial Census Reports noted because they were not numbered as part of either report, these important volumes will be welcome replacements for the torn and tattered editions found in most libraries and missing entirely from many. Each book contains numerous maps and charts in color, all of which have been cleaned and reprinted better than the originals.

However these volumes are more than collections of maps and statistics. For instance, the 1870 volume contains a fascinating report entitled "The Progress of the Nation--1790-1870," which describes various characteristics of the maps and the methods used to construct them, and then provides detailed discussions of the developments over the 90 years covered: "The settled area of 1790, then, as indicated by the line traced, I find to be 226,085 square miles. The entire body of continuously settled territory, thus composed, lies between 31º and 45º N. Lat. and between 67º and 83º W. Long.... At 1870, we learn the last the census has yet to tell us of the Progress of the Nation. The imperial sweep of the 'line of population' now embraces 1,178,068 square miles...."

9th Census, 1870, 121 p., 69 in color, 12½x17½”
(Dubester 55; RPI #22-A, 0-88354-241-2 )

11th Census, 1890, 161 p., 69 in color, 12½x17½”
(Dubester 220; RPI #70-A, 0-88354-242-0)

One Volume..........................$400
Both Volumes........................$750