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Khristianskaia periodicheskaia pechat' na russkom iazyke, 1801-1917
[Catalog of Russian Christian Serials 1801-1917]

G.L. Andreev, Compiler

Preface by Rev. A. Troitskii and G.L. Andreev

Introduction by Edward Kasinec and Robert H. Davis, Jr.


This three-volume work, compiled in Moscow, contains bibliographical descriptions of more than 800 serials published both in the Russian empire and abroad, in Russian, between 1801 and 1917.  Included are Orthodox publications, as well as those of the Old Believers, Catholic, Evangelical, Baptist, Lutheran, Molochan, 7th-Day Adventist and Tolstoyan denominations, among others.  Newspapers and journals (printed, handwritten, typewritten, hectographed, etc.) are included.


This work is the first full catalog of Russian pre-revolutionary religious periodicals ever published.


Each entry includes detailed descriptions of the place, time, and frequency of the publication, its editorial staff and main authors, along with the titles of the most significant articles. Supplements to the editions are listed as well. The description also lists issues available at the libraries which hold the originals, both in Russia and in some libraries abroad.


The catalog includes an appendix with descriptions of those periodicals that are considered religious in content, but which are not part of the body of the work because they are not ordinarily identified as religious publications.  Among these are lay periodicals with clerical editors; seminary publications, both revolutionary and satirical; publications listed as religious; and non-Russian-language religious periodicals including Russian articles.  A special section of the catalog is devoted to Carpatho-Russian publications that have never been described in detail before.


Two volumes include the description of the periodicals.  The third one contains indexes: Geographical, Subject, Title, Chronological (includes all periodicals published in the given year), printers, confessions, names of editors and publishers (with short biographies), and others.


Catalog of Russian Christian Serials 1801-1917

G.L. Andreev, Compiler, 3 volumes

Library binding, acid-free paper; ISBN: 0-88354-132-7
Note: This title is out of print. However, copies can be printed on demand @ $600 per set or the book can be purchased in pdf for $100.