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Russo-Greek Papers, 1863-1874

Edited, and with an Introduction by Edward Kasinec and J. Robert Wright

This work contains a significant collection of 15 original documents concerning American Anglican relations with the Eastern Orthodox Churches in the second half of the 19th Century. The volume was originally produced in 2001 for the Episcopal Diocese of New York with the help of Norman Ross Publishing in a non-commercial paperback edition. All of the copies were distributed free to major research libraries around the world. In response to requests from several libraries, a few additional copies were printed in 2003 in a hardcover edition and are now available for sale from Ross Publishing, successor to Norman Ross Publishing.

The Russo-Greek Committee was established by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in 1862 "to consider the expediency of communication with the Russo-Greek Church [and] to collect authentic information...." The Russo-Greek Committee was the first corporate attempt of any non-Orthodox church to establish official ecumenical relations with churches of the Orthodox tradition, and in time it even persuaded some of the Orthodox hierarchs to exchange official correspondence with the Episcopal Church's General Convention. The Committee published a series of reports on its activities and findings from its inception through 1874.

The papers in the volume, originally published as separates, document the long and positive ecumenical friendship between the two churches. The Table of Contents lists the following sections (among others):


From The Russian Review, Vol. 62, No. 1, Jan. 2003: "The editors deserve praise for bringing together in one volume the various papers, letters, and records originally published by the Russo-Greek Committee, materials available in only a handful of libraries and often in incomplete form…. The documents in this volume offer insights into the endeavors of the committee, the 'reform atmosphere' of tsarist Russia after the Emancipation Edit, and related topics... [and] provide an essential source for the study of the Episcopal Church's connections with the Russian Orthodox Church."


Russo-Greek Papers, 1863-1874. Edited, and with an Introduction by Edward Kasinec, Chief of the Slavic & Baltic Division of The New York Public Library, and J. Robert Wright, professor at the General Theological Seminary in New York. xv + 389, 6"x9", illus, 0-88354-043-6.
Published on behalf of The Episcopal Diocese of New York, 2001, library binding............................$95