A New Two-Volume Essential Work--

Rembrandt 2006

Essays and New Rembrandt Documents

Nineteen previously unpublished essays on aspects of

Rembrandt's life and work

Together with

An annotated catalogue of 89 new Rembrandt documents

and three complementary essays,

the results of current research by leading Rembrandt scholars!

Published in The Netherlands by Foleor Publishers

Exclusive North American Distributor:

Ross Publishing Inc

Rembrandt 2006: Essays and New Rembrandt Documents

This year the world is celebrating the 400th birthday of Rembrandt van Rijn, Leiden's most famous son. For the occasion, Foleor Publishers, in Leiden, is issuing two volumes of important new research on the life and work of the great artist. Volume I comprises 19 essays by leading scholars in the field. Volume II includes a full catalogue of the 89 Rembrandt documents that have come to light since publication of The Rembrandt Documents by Strauss/Van der Meulen in 1979.

Volume I: Essays (ed. by Michiel Roscam Abbing)

The contributions comprise important new insights into several major Rembrandt paintings, including The Night Watch and Claudius Civilis, as well as enticing discussions on more general Rembrandt-related topics like the function of tronies, Rembrandt connoisseurship and art criticism.

The authors are: Boudewijn Bakker, Benjamin Binstock, Ben Broos, Herman Colenbrander, Peter van der Coelen, Stephanie Dickey, Amy Golhany, Franziska Gottwald, Dagmar Hirschfelder, Hendrik Horn, Fred Meijer, Geert Panhuysen, Michiel Roscam Abbing, Catherine Scallen, Roelof van Straten, Pierre Tuynman, Aart Vos and David A. de Witt

Volume II: New Rembrandt Documents (by Michiel Roscam Abbing)
In this second volume Dr. Abbing presents no less than 89 new Rembrandt documents that came to light over the last two decades. The full original texts are given, as well as extensive commentary. Moreover, this volume contains three important Appendices: Piet Bakker writes on the Rembrandt documents from the Court of Frisia; Ronald van der Spiegel on the Rembrandt Documents from the Court of Holland and the High Court; and Pierre Tuynman analyses a manuscript caption on Rembrandt's 1639 portrait etching of Joannes Wtenbogaert.


M. Roscam Abbing (ed.), Rembrandt 2006: Volume I: Essays, Leiden, 2006.  26 x 21 cm. 320 pages, more than 160 b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. Hard cover. ISBN: 90 75035 23 3 

M. Roscam Abbing, Rembrandt 2006: Volume II: New Rembrandt Documents, Leiden 2006.  26 x 21 cm 180 pages, 25 b&w illustrations, bibliography and index. Hard cover. ISBN: 90 75035 24 1

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