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Istoriia mirovoi slavistiki


The History of World Slavistics:  Bibliography--1979-1981; 1991; 1992;


Compiled by INION on behalf of the International Committee of Slavists,

Commission on the History of Slavic Studies.


Introduction by E. Kasinec and R.H. Davis, Jr.


Istoriia mirovoi slavistiki is an ongoing series of bibliographic indexes.  Initiated in the 1980s on behalf of the Commission on the History of Slavic Studies of the International Committee of Slavists, the series is compiled by the Institute of Scientific Information in the Social Sciences (INION) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Its editorial board includes distinguished Slavists and bibliographers from countries of the former Eastern Bloc.  Collectively, these indexes constitute an immensely valuable, but, until now, little known and narrowly available resource for the study of the history of Slavistics as a discipline.


Prior to the first-time publication of the three new volumes, five of the bibliographic indexes had appeared in print in the former Soviet Union:


I.   Covering the period 1982-1984, containing 1,712 entries, was published in 1992;

II.  1985-1987, 2,451 entries, issued in two parts in 1991;

III. 1988, 484 entries, published in 1990;

IV. 1989, 615 entries, published in 1991; and

V.  1990, 708 entries, appeared in 1992.


The three bibliographies presented here--covering 1,684 entries for the years 1979 to 1981; 619 for 1991; and 1,123 citations for 1992--are based on camera-ready copy commissioned from INION, and are available for the first time.


This series catalogs published collaborative manuscripts, articles from serial publications, dissertation abstracts, reviews and documentary materials concerning the history and organization of Slavic studies.  International in coverage, the citations found in each volume are gathered by representatives of various national committees in a monitoring operation far beyond the capability and resources of any bibliographer or academic researcher.


Begun during the decline of the Soviet era, Istoriia mirovoi slavistiki separates international Slavistics scholarship into pre-1945 studies (i.e., when many of the Slavic countries of Eastern and Central Europe were independent), and post-1945 studies.  Only items concerning events, personalities and issues occurring prior to 1945 fall into the scope of this series.


Citations in each volume are organized into several primary categories, as follows:



Each volume includes an author index.


Istoriia mirovoi slavistiki

1979-1981; 175 pp., library binding, ISBN: 0-88354-373-7    $90

1991; 80 pp., library binding, ISBN: 0-88354-374-5               $90

1992; 160 pp., library binding, ISBN: 0-88354-375-3             $90


Complete set, 3 volumes, ISBN 0-88354-376-1                      $200